Monday, July 29, 2013


Mother Jones: Global Warming Is Creating Cannibal-Lobsters | National Review Online
And read the actual reporting on the experiment that Mother Jones uses to declare the cannibalism epidemic. Basically, the scientist tied a juvenile lobster to a string on the bottom of the ocean so it couldn’t escape and then filmed what happened. When adult lobsters took advantage of the tethered youngster for an easy snack, this became news or science or something.
Al Gore’s “Reality Minions” think the North Pole is melting – except that’s NOT a photo of the North Pole | Watts Up With That?
Even journalists get tripped up into thinking this is photo from the North Pole. At the real North Pole, history shows this to be a relatively common occurrence.
Obama’s sneer at tar sands jobs is a sneer at $17 trillion in wealth creation |
The remarkable thing about the Keystone XL is that all that wealth can be dramatically facilitated by the temporary labor of only thousands of people. Once complete, $17 trillion worth of wealth can start its journey from Alberta through the U.S. and into the economy where other processing can create even more wealth out of it.

Obama’s sneer at the Keystone XL? Consider the source.
6th Daily Record in 7 Days for Antarctic Sea Ice Extent | sunshine hours
July 28 (Day 209) saw the 6th Daily Record in 7 Days for Antarctic Sea Ice Extent...
Day 209 was 180,000 sq km higher than the previous record which occurred in 2010).
Philadelphia July Temperatures Plummeted During The Dalton Minimum | Real Science
From 1790 to 1804, Philadelphia July temperatures dropped almost eight degrees.

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