Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Claim: Evolution Too Slow to Keep Up With Climate Change |
The process of science is not the process of developing BS rationalizations based on cherry-picked interpretations of guesswork.
Why Land Air Temperature is Exactly Wrong | Musings from the Chiefio
All you need to do to figure all this out is look at the working fluid of the planet, water, and ignore the irrelevant gas CO2. To look at UV and blue light, and ignore IR ‘trapping’ and ‘feedback’. To look at the planets stirring the sun and moon in a synchronized dance.

In short: “It’s the water, and a lot more.”
Attention Rudd Government: another of your green schemes fails | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
A farm made useless, thanks to taxpayer grants. Unbelievable.
State of the carbon market in 2013 is so sick the World Bank cancelled the report « JoNova
Why would the World Bank be interested in promoting fear of man-made emissions? Could it be that they manage millions of dollars of funds and facilities, all of which would be pointless if man-made emissions are not a catastrophe waiting-to-happen.
Once Cocksure Warmist Scientists Now Sounding More Unsure Than Ever…Brönnimann Leaves The Door Open
If Brönnimann represents what is going on among warmist scientists, it is that global warming scientists are no longer so cocksure about their beloved global warming theory and “settled science”. Increasingly they are admitting that there are still lots of unknown factors and that they are lacking explanations.

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