Friday, July 19, 2013


Carbon programs’ backlash in Australia, EU bode ill for U.S. efforts to fight climate change |
Recent stumbles in Europe and Australia to implement ambitious climate change programs are providing a “cautionary tale” for the Obama administration and U.S. lawmakers as they consider how to fulfill President Obama’s drive to reduce U.S. greenhouse gases.
China ratchets up solar trade war | RTCC Climate Change News
China has landed a blow in its ongoing solar trade war with the US by imposing import duties on one of the main components of solar cells.
McCarthy Confirmation to Lead EPA Clears Way for Rules - Bloomberg
Gina McCarthy’s confirmation to lead the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency puts the former Republican aide in charge of developing wide-ranging climate-change rules that business group oppose.
Billions spent in Obama climate plan may be virtually useless, study suggests | Fox News
As President Obama last month launched a sweeping new national program to combat "climate change," including tens of billions of dollars in likely new subsidies for solar and wind power and bio-energy, a separate, groundbreaking study by the National Research Council has warned that those kinds of subsidies are virtually useless at quelling greenhouse gases .
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[retweeted by Michael Mann] @MichaelEMann @Revkin Andy, Francis' statement was correct. Spencer's borderline insane.

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