Friday, July 19, 2013

Hottest year ever update from global warming's ground zero: During "record late" whaling season in Barrow, large crowds gathered on the beach to pray for a break in the ice

Fermented 'stink whale' landed in Barrow, and it's a blessing during tough season | Alaska Dispatch
...Such lucky finds happen occasionally across the North Slope's whaling villages. But it's especially important to Barrow this spring, an unusual season marked by little open water as wind-driven sea ice hugged the shore, keeping crews from hunting. The poor conditions led to community prayers alongside the beach that drew large crowds, with captains pleading for a break in the ice, said Diaz.

Spring hunting typically brings several whales. Last year, for example, the whaling season was done before the start of June, after Barrow captains had landed 14.

But this year, the whaling has extended past mid-July, a record late season according to some captains.

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