Thursday, July 18, 2013


Extreme hiring events at climate central | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Global warming policies cost us much more than global warming itself:
Know your enemy: the establishment journalist. | Pointman's
It is the self-censorship, compliant silence and cowardly refusal by establishment journalists to question anything about green policies and their damaging effect on ordinary people, which makes them the real enemy, not the propagandists masquerading as journalists. At the same time, I think it’ll be the establishment journalist who’ll eventually start to push the skeptic viewpoint, and that is a more realistic expectation than you might think. We have three things going for us which I think will make that happen.
Twitter / algore: Working to #SpreadTruth and ...
Working to #SpreadTruth and #DestroyDenial about the #climate crisis is essential to our planet's survival - use @RealityDrop today
Twitter / KOAAstephen: Would you believe me if I said ...
Would you believe me if I said SNOW fell on higher slopes around Loveland Pass today? CDOT confirmed it! That's right. SNOW fell in JULY!

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