Saturday, July 20, 2013


The Handsomest Fox In The Henhouse | Watts Up With That?
Global warming supporters say that the science is all on their side … so who did the global warming folks send to plead their case to Congress?

An insurance company lawyer who says “fill our pockets with money, suckers, it’s all ever so green, and oh, you’re picking up the tab for lunch” …

I must say, however, that if Heidi Cullen and Frank Nutter are part of the global warming supporters “A-Team”, that we skeptical folk must be winning. That’s a pretty pathetic lineup.
New study details EPA's regulatory incompetence | United Liberty | Free Market - Individual Liberty - Limited Government
This executive-level agency, a creation of then-President Richard Nixon, has long been a thorn in the side of energy consumers, property owners, and businesses by enacting regulations often with little to no congressional oversight or pursing legal action to please the anti-capitalist, radical environmental Left. And while he is relying the agency to implement his new agenda, President Obama apparently isn’t aware of just how incompetent the EPA is.
Obama Energy Tax Will Kill Economic Growth, Jobs -
[Sen. John Barrasso] The president's approach reverses any economic growth of the last four years and has little effect on global emissions. Doing it through a naked power grab that ignores the will of the people would be even worse.
July snow at Loveland Ski Area
Just 70 days before Loveland is set to begin snowmaking operations.

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