Saturday, July 20, 2013


Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: US generated climate model ...
US generated climate model insists on cool 45 days in front of much of the nation. Very little run to run change
Twitter / RyanMaue: Tuesday, GFS forecasts heavy, ...
Tuesday, GFS forecasts heavy, accumulating snow in Santa Catarina & Rio Grande do Sul -- coastal growing regions
Pennsylvania Governor Refuses To Control The Climate | Real Science
Wicked times we live in – when elected officials lack faith in the official government religion.
Sprechen Sie “Green Energy”? ¡No Más! | RedState
As President Obama doubles down on his green energy initiative, maybe it’s time to look around the world and see how the foray into the future of rainbows and unicorn farts is working out for our more progressive and forward-thinking allies. We’ll visit Spain, Germany and Australia and see how their campaigns to replace fossil fuels and nuclear energy in favor of wind and solar energy are working out for their economies...The moral of this story is that if you leave your energy planning up to a bunch of greenies, you get an unreliable and impractical solution that no one can afford. It might warm the cockles of your heart for a while but it will freeze the other ones off.

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