Monday, July 01, 2013


A Presidential Speech Won't Solve Climate Change -- It's Going to Take Major Demonstrations and Activism by the Public | Alternet
Nor can we set our sights any lower than the swift dismantling of the fossil–fuel infrastructure of death and its replacement with publicly owned and democratically controlled clean energy systems. [Via MT]
Our Global Warming Noose Is Cinched Tight With Koch Brothers' Money: Gothamist
The Kochs are essentially shortening the life span of the human race
Flashback: Human Life Span Took Huge Jump in Past Century | Longevity & Odds of Dying | LiveScience
In Japan, 72 has become the new 30, as the likelihood of a 72-year-old modern-day person dying is the same as a 30-year-old hunter-gatherer ancestor who lived 1.3 million years ago.
“Arctic Hole” Is 90% Concentration Ice | Real Science
I measured the ratio of ice to open water in the region which alarmists have been hysterically describing as an open hole in the ice. Besides the fact that there is no indication of melt, the concentration of the ice in the satellite photo below is actually greater than 90%.

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Japan's longevity stats are unreliable as there's a national
tradition of claiming pensions despite the death of the pensioner.