Monday, July 01, 2013


Heather Taylor-Miesle: Three Sins in New GOP Anti-Climate Ads...Will the NRCC Repent?
The ad commits three major sins
Proof That All Scientists Support A Carbon Tax | Real Science
Anyone who doesn’t support a carbon tax is a paid oil or tobacco industry shill, therefore all real scientists support a carbon tax.
The Retreat From Falsehood Begins | The Resilient Earth
As mentioned at the start of this article, the Nature Geoscience piece does not signal the end of the climate change propaganda onslaught, or the long overdue mea culpa from the warmists. But it does signal the first small admission that things may not be as originally portrayed by the IPCC climate clown festival. The first crack in the wall of falsehood that is the global warming scam. Perhaps there is hope for climate science yet, perhaps in a generation this whole embarrassing episode will be forgotten and climate science will turn its collective back on global warming and get back to doing real science.
Arctic Sea Ice Is The Same Thickness As 1940 | Real Science
In 1940, Arctic sea ice averaged about two metres thick, just like it does now.

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