Monday, July 01, 2013


The Climate Context Behind the Deadly Arizona Wildfire | Climate [Hoax] Central
The deaths of the Prescott, Ariz.-based “Granite Mountain Hotshots” was the worst wildland firefighting disaster since a 1933 wildfire killed 25 firefighters in Los Angeles.
Harvard climatologist: Western heat wave ‘probably not’ global warming |
Will Martin Tingley be drummed out of the Nonsensus?
Climate Leaders in Istanbul: 77 Countries, Limitless Opportunities - Climate Reality
...Like 31-year-old Festu Mutavi from Nairobi, who’d organized the Kenya Climate Change Working Group to collect a million signatures urging world leaders to act on the crisis and then drove the nearly 2,800 miles to Durban, South Africa to publicly deliver the petition to Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
Seizing the High Ground — The Patriot Post
[Bastardi] I believe skeptics have the high ground scientifically, ethically and economically -- yet they fail to seize it.

So how would I respond if I were in charge? Let's analyze each area.
Twitter / etzpcm: >> 'Obviously it's bad ...
>> 'Obviously it's bad news if films produced by climate skeptics have a strong impact' says objective unbiased psych prof @EricHorow

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