Wednesday, July 24, 2013


THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds global warming since the Little Ice Age explained by natural processes, not man-made CO2
A new paper published in Climate explains the halt of global warming due to changes in solar activity and ocean oscillations, and finds most of the warming and recovery from the Little Ice Age during the 19th and 20th centuries was due to natural processes rather than man-made CO2.
GREENIE WATCH: European meteorological satellite shows global COOLING, 1982-2006
Andries Rosema, Steven Foppes, Joost van der Woerd
...In addition nine locations were selected and data series were extracted and studied for the period 1982-2006. Our observations point to a decrease in planetary temperature over almost the entire hemisphere, most likely due to an increase of cloudiness. Two small areas are found where a considerable temperature increase has occurred. They are explained in terms of major human interventions in the hydrological balance at the earth surface.
ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT VOLUME 24 No.. 3 & 4 2013 (Not yet online)
The 13th Century President | Real Science
Obama believes that if the peasants give him more money, the weather will be better.

It is mind-boggling that we have someone with an intellect that primitive in the White House in 2013.
GISS : Forever Tampering Upwards And Onwards | Real Science
Joe D’Aleo sent an E-mail this morning mentioning that GHCN has cooled the past again.

Below is a plot of alterations to GISS temperatures since January, 2012. They are constantly rewriting history by warming the present and cooling the past.

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