Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Another fake scare. No, global warming isn’t causing starvation. | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Global warmists have for a decade peddled the scare that global warming would kill crops and cause mass starvation...
No, we are not moving to a carbon dioxide “market” | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
[Terry McCrann] THE sheer, totally unself-aware, pompous stupidity of the “right-thinking” left has been on brilliant display in “commentary” on Kevin Rudd’s carbon tax con…
Pot, Kettle, Black | Digging in the Clay
In the strange world of Green Thinking, only their opinions count. So it is perfectly OK for Mr Nuccitelli to work for a large private corporation with significant operations for and with the fossil fuel sector; his conscience is clear. However, Barry Woods on Twitter was right – sceptics with even the remotest connections to such industries would be lambasted for less.
Taxpayer-funded trainers give refugees propaganda lauding Rudd and the Greens | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
[Tony Thomas] Adult Asian and African refugees and migrants in Yarraville, Melbourne, have been given Labor and Green propaganda to study in their English language lessons, in lieu of normal comprehension tracts.
Brazil - Snow in over 80 cities - Roads and schools closed
“Should greatly disrupt agriculture”

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