Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Uprooting the ‘Carbon Dioxide Is Plant Food’ Argument | The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media
Repugnant though they seem to us, urine, excrement, and corpses are no more toxic, in and of themselves, than CO2.
Being Thoreau | The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media
Thoreau kept detailed records of spring-time arrival dates of many migratory birds [In looking for spring arrivals, might not many dispersed Internet-connected birders with modern optics etc find lots of "early birds" that Thoreau would have missed?]
Antarctic Sea Ice Area Sets Another Record High | Real Science
Alarmists are busy this week claiming that Antarctica is melting and we are all going to drown. Meanwhile, Antarctic sea ice continues to grow to record levels.
How Do We Get to Zero Carbon? The UK May Show Us The Way
A new study from the Centre for Alternative Technology looked at how the U.K. could get to zero carbon by 2030—something the report's authors say is completely possible.
First major snow in Buenos Aires since 1918
Argentina’s National Weather Service said it was the first major snow in Buenos Aires since 22nd June, 1918, though sleet or freezing rain have been periodically reported in decades since.

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