Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Transportation: Charger standards fight confuses electric vehicle buyers, puts car company investments at risk -- Wednesday, July 24, 2013 --
experts warn the feud could kill the momentum of the electric vehicle market.
Biden, in India, calls climate change a risk to development - The Hill's E2-Wire
Vice President Biden said in India on Wednesday that fighting climate change shouldn’t be at odds with economic development efforts in the world’s second-most-populous nation.
Climate Conversation Group » Shift the house or shave the door?
When the house settles and the door jams, it’s easier and cheaper to shave the door. Preventing the ground from moving just to make the door close is overdoing it.

That’s a realistic metaphor for man’s response to global warming. The alarmists would persuade us to interfere with the soil at ruinous expense to stop the house from moving, but simply shaving the door compensates perfectly well for small kinks in the house.
Senate Dems bummed Obama offered no climate welfare for Great Lakes |
Six Democratic senators said they were “disappointed” President Obama didn’t mention the impact climate change is having on the Great Lakes.
Guardian warmist: ‘We need to know who funds climate deniers’ |
But what about Guardian climate blogger Dana Nuccitelli?

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