Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Twitter / algore: The science is settled. The ...
The science is settled. The data is clear. Man-made carbon pollution is real. Use @RealityDrop to make your voice heard.
Twitter / ChairmanAl: The political risk for Chinese ...
The political risk for Chinese leaders is air pollution not climate change. Asking EU for money climate talks BOGUS.
Idaho's Simpson: Cut EPA budget 35%, block Obama climate change gambit » Idaho Statesman Blogs
“This Administration’s appetite for new regulations and disregard for the will of Congress have left us with little choice but to block his climate change agenda in this bill,” Simpson said in a news release Tuesday. “The actions we’ve taken to address the EPA’s overreach and reduce its budget not only help us meet the tight spending constraints under which we’re operating, they help our struggling economy and encourage job creators to invest and expand.”
UK Met Office on the pause | Climate Etc.
even if they have not been falsified, the climate models are not looking very useful at the moment, and climate model-derived values of climate sensitivity are seeming increasingly unconvincing.

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