Thursday, July 11, 2013


House panel approves bill curtailing EPA power on climate regs - The Hill's RegWatch
A House panel approved legislation Wednesday imposing tough new restrictions on the Environmental Protection Agency’s power to enact regulations seen as hurting the economy.
In disarray: Climate change not a priority for new govt – The Express Tribune
As soon as the new government assumed charge, the Ministry of Climate Change was demoted to the status of a division as part of a governmental drive to reduce the size of the federal cabinet.
Hope family research finds recessions make climate change costlier | Dana Nuccitelli | Environment |
Growing up, Mat Hope learned from his father about the growing consensus amongst climate science and economics experts that humans are causing global warming (now over 97 percent agreement) and that the costs of climate damage will be high. Mat didn't understand why policymakers were failing to act on this supposed expert consensus and began to research the subject for himself.

This led Mat to study politics at the University of Bristol, where he's currently doing PhD research on communicating climate in the US Congress, trying to understand why the US has been unable to pass climate legislation.

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