Monday, July 08, 2013


Freaky July Heat – In 1936 | Real Science
From July 6 through July 16, 1936 temperatures were over 100F every day in Sparta, Illinois, topping out at 114F on July 14.
This year, temperatures are averaging about 15-20 degrees cooler, and are expected to top at out at 92F during that same time interval.
Those Horrible People Who Keep Society Functional | Real Science
Those horrible coal people who provide electricity for us simply must be stopped.

The planet must be saved, so all lefties need to turn off their electricity, stop buying any food or manufactured goods, and bankrupt the coal industry. What are they waiting for? The planet’s survival depends on all progressive-minded people immediately halting their fossil fuel electricity purchases.
There's Methane in Your Drinking Water. So What? - Blog
Anti-fracking scaremongering about methane in drinking water fails scrutiny from basic chemistry.
RealClearScience - Climate Change Isn't World's Biggest Problem
Just a cursory glance around the world reveals that, given the enormous problems facing our planet, it would be surprising if climate change cracked a list of the top 10 immediate concerns.

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