Monday, July 15, 2013


Sun's quiet spell not the start of a mini ice age - space - 12 July 2013 - New Scientist
Those hoping that the sun could save us from climate change look set for disappointment. The recent lapse in solar activity is not the beginning of a decades-long absence of sunspots – a dip that might have cooled the climate. Instead, it represents a shorter, less pronounced downturn that happens every century or so.
Twitter / mark_lynas: Greenpeace aims to shutter ...
Greenpeace aims to shutter low-carbon power in France. Have they heard of ?
Aussie warmists trying renaming cap-and-trade a ‘floating carbon tax’ |
Labor is seeking to turn the politics of the carbon tax back on Tony Abbott, saying its decision to bring forward the start of the lower floating carbon price means coalition policy represents the real “great big new tax”.
Unprecedented Arctic Cold In The Forecast | Real Science
This summer has been the coldest on record in the Arctic, and temperatures are forecast to get much colder towards the end of the month.
The New Nostradamus of the North: Spain is again showing the way for the wind energy industry - without huge subsidies it ceases to exist
Spain, the former international "star" of wind energy, is now the the best example of what happens to an industry that is totally dependent on huge taxpayer subsidies

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