Monday, July 15, 2013


A refreshing debate … on the IPCC | The View From Here
Apart from the fact that this was an intelligent, civilized and respectful debate (no one interrupted anyone else!) and that many of the views expressed were not dissimilar to those you are quite likely to find in posts on this blog (OK, call it confirmation bias if you must!), I found it to be 54 minutes very well spent!
Warmists squib it again
Warmists sometimes express a willingness to engage in debate with skeptics but almost always back out before it happens. One imagines that in preparation for the debate they read some of their opponents' writings and realize how weak their own case is. They realize that they will lose!

It has happened again. Sir Paul Nurse, head of Britain's Royal Society, grandly offered to help out Lord Lawson's Global Warming Policy Foundation by putting him in touch with scientists who would explain to him what he was missing by being skeptical. One imagines that Lord Lawson was rather amused by that folly but he welcomed it and tried to organize the offered discussion between Nurse's nominees and some prominent skeptics. The Press Release below shows how far that has gone
- Bishop Hill blog - Improving peer review
Discover Magazine considers a new proposal for eliminating some of the bias from the peer review process.
Francois Hollande: “As long as I am president, there will be no exploration for shale gas in France” | Tallbloke's Talkshop
Presidential decree trumps common sense and economic reality
Colleges must divest from fossil fuel companies - Magazine - The Boston Globe
“We need to take away the credibility of fossil-fuel companies,” says Joseph Lanzillo

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