Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Are Simultaneous Floods, Drought an Omen in the Pacific? - weather.com
"The elders tell us that there have been droughts like this before, but I don't think anybody has ever seen it where it's so wet," said Tony de Brum, minister for climate change to the Marshall Islands president
One in ten will live in climate hotspots by 2100
One out of 10 people on Earth is likely to live in a climate impact hotspot by the end of this century, if greenhouse gas emissions continue unabated.
The Green Corruption Files
What does the billion-dollar Colorado-based consulting, engineering and construction firm CH2M Hill; the Department of Energy; Senator Harry Reid and other key Democrats; high-powered liberal lobbyists and eco-radicals with direct ties to the Obama White House; and billions of taxpayer money have in common?

Well if you haven’t guessed it, this post will answer that question –– a green energy, crony-corruption tale that began towards the end of the 90’s.
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: Nation saving untold billions ...
Nation saving untold billions in costs in much cooler summer where most live this year.Mindless sheep dont report

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