Tuesday, July 02, 2013


- Bishop Hill blog - An ethically dubious research project
It seemed as if nobody that Rapley had said had been interviewed as part of the project had actually been approached at all.
Yes, folks, MSc theses at LSE are official secrets and may not be seen by the public under FOI.
Exposing the Global Warming Fraud | Somewhat Reasonable
Five hundred million years ago, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was 15 to 20 times what it is today. Yet the catastrophic water-vapor amplification of carbon dioxide warming never occurred. Today we’re told catastrophic warming will result if carbon dioxide doubles. But during the Ordovician Period, the carbon dioxide level was 12 times what it is today, and the earth was in an Ice Age. That’s exactly opposite to the “runaway” warming that computer models predict should occur. Clearly the models are wrong; they depend upon an assumption of amplification that is contrary to the climate record of millions of years. Still, the greenhouse proponents cling to their dogma. The facts don’t matter.
Twitter / RyanMaue [on what "normal" temperatures are; why, specifically, does Seth Borenstein get to cherry-pick one century in billions of years and declare it "normal"?]
@borenbears why not use year 1500?
Twitter / borenbears: @RyanMaue unlike some people ...
@RyanMaue unlike some people I lived in 20th century & most recent Thus 20th century. Maybe for denial fantasy friends 15th century may fit

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