Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Carbon tax, ETS all the same: opposition
"The starting point is to get rid of the carbon tax. The emissions trading scheme is just another carbon tax," frontbench Liberal Joe Hockey told ABC Radio on Tuesday.

He said businesses faced "ridiculously high" energy prices, compared to international competitors, because of the tax paid by the biggest polluters.
Farmers say carbon price still taxing one year on - ABC Rural (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
President of the Australian Dairy Farmers, Noel Campbell, believes the carbon tax is pushing up costs for dairy farms by an average of $5,500-$7,000 per year through increased power prices and processing costs.

Mr Campbell says this added cost is making Australian dairy farmers less competitive internationally.

"We're exposed in exports for 40 per cent of our product," he said.
Paris Illumination Ban: 'City Of Light' Begins Turning Off Its Lights At Night To Save Energy
As Bloomberg noted in December, the proposal to turn off all non-essential lights was met by much criticism from merchants in the tourism industry.
Zombie carbon markets to be shocked back to life | EurActiv
A patched-up plan to shock Europe’s zombie carbon markets back to life will pass a plenary vote at the European Parliament on Wednesday (3 July), but this will only "buy time" for more fundamental reform, says the chairman of the Parliament’s environment committee.

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