Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Climate Change: Deny This Truth, Deniers!
X + Y = we’re screwed
We’re speeding for the climate cliff and the traffic cops have dropped their radar guns to count their bribe money with both hands.
Salvatore Cardoni
An Angelino by way of Wilkes-Barre, PA, Sal holds a Political Science degree from George Washington University.
Now we are bargaining with the climate gods - On Line Opinion - 16/7/2013
He shared the Nobel Peace Prize with IPCC colleagues and he got arrested at White Rock British Columbia,Canada, while blockading a coal train. Professor Mark Jaccard is no vapid apologist when it comes to climate change.
Why climate change has Darwin down for the count | Grist
[English major Chris Mooney] Nonetheless, the new research as a whole validates a striking statement made recently by the renowned climate scientist Michael Mann of Penn State University. At a Climate Desk Live event in May, Mann remarked that there is “no evidence” from the planet’s past to suggest that life can adapt to changes as rapid as the ones we’ve now set in motion.

Wiens’ data add an exclamation point to Mann’s statement. And it also raises an unavoidable question: What is going to happen to the species responsible for all of this, namely, humans?

“Humans will be fine,” says Wiens, “because we have things like clothes and air conditioning.”

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