Tuesday, July 16, 2013


California may ease CO2 market rules for big energy users - News - Point Carbon
SAN FRANCISCO, July 16 (Reuters Point Carbon) – California is considering handing out more allowances to energy intensive industry for free under the state’s emissions trading scheme to ease the costs that steel, cement and energy companies face in trying to cut emissions of heat-trapping gases, officials said Monday.
Floating price kills off carbon farming - Weekly Times Now
Treasurer Chris Bowen confirmed the program would be axed in plans to move from a carbon tax to a emissions trading scheme announced today.
Beaufort Sea Ice Area Is Above Normal And Has Quadrupled Since Last Year | Real Science

Global Warming is no longer cool: Monckton
Lord Monckton said: “The profiteers of doom were wrong. There is a growing gulf between the colourful predictions of the IPCC’s models and the less exciting real-world temperatures measured by satellites. Savage increases in the cost of fuel and power are needlessly causing hardship and death, and all in the name of a catastrophism that has now been thoroughly discredited by events. The bankrupt nations of the West should stop throwing good money after bad. The temperature record shows man-made climate change is a non-problem.”
Aussie PM slashes climate programs to pay for cap-and-trade | JunkScience.com
The popular, and much praised, Clean Technology Investment Program is one of the major victims – with impacts on solar and energy efficient lighting – along with carbon capture and storage programs, and the biodiversity fund and the farming support fund.

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