Tuesday, July 16, 2013


AGW skeptics in the professional community | Climate Etc.
We find that climate science scepticism is not limited to the scientifically illiterate, but well ensconced within this group of professional experts with scientific training – who work as leaders or advisors to management in governmental, non-governmental, and corporate organizations.
Articles: The 'Greendex': Another useless eco-indicator?
India, China, and Brazil are ranked first through third for the percentage of consumers who believe that "owning a luxury car is a very important goal in my life" (at rates many-fold higher than those from the West). China tops the list (48%) for those who believe that "owning a big house is a very important goal in my life," with India (38%) and Mexico (36%) not far behind. Canada is at 11%, Japan at 13%, and the USA at 17%. How do we reconcile these life ambitions with China, Mexico, Brazil, and India supposedly leading the way in the belief that "I am currently trying very hard to reduce my own negative impact on the environment"? We cannot, which proves my point that the Greendex reflects relative current wealth among nations far more than the environmental ethics of their residents.
Tony Abbott caught dog-whistling to climate change denialists | Giles Parkinson
Abbott's latest remarks on carbon pricing betray the fact that his views on climate change are inspired from the depths of the climate denier blogosphere

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