Friday, July 19, 2013


Team Obama plans August 13 assault on ‘climate deniers’ |
What will the ‘Gore Effect” bring on that day — an August snowstorm?
Climate science: Sensitive information | The Economist
A peek inside the next IPCC assessment
...With two months to go before the assessment is to be published, however, one sign suggests it might be less terrifying than it could have been.

The sign in question is about climate sensitivity.
Climate Change Could Wipe Out Amazing Baobab Trees in Madagascar | Extinction Countdown, Scientific American Blog Network
the massive trees of the genus Adansonia ... can live thousands of years
Renewable energy in Spain: The cost del sol | The Economist
It has been a chastening experience. The government failed to cut subsidies when renewables were booming, so the cuts have had to be draconian. It imposed no cap on new capacity and stood by while that grew uncontrollably (this also happened in Germany). The promised jobs have vanished. The solar-energy business has lost tens of thousands of jobs from its peak. And after repeated retroactive cuts no one is willing to invest in renewable energy any more. Yet because projects often receive subsidies for 20 years, the costs remain. Even after the cuts, renewables subsidies are running at €7 billion-8 billion a year. It is not hard to think of better ways of spending such large sums of taxpayers’ money. [Via JP]

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