Wednesday, July 17, 2013


A Sandy-Type Hurricane Won't Hit For Another 700 Years, Hubristic Scientists Swear: Gothamist
Global climate models show that hurricanes will only grow more intense as the earth continues to burn hotter
Reid blames climate change for Mount Charleston wildfire | Las Vegas Review-Journal
“The West is burning,” the Nevada Democrat said. “I could be wrong but I don’t think we’ve ever had a fire in the Spring Mountains, Mount Charleston range like we just had.”
“Why are we having them? We have climate change. Things are different. The forests are drier, the winters are shorter, and we have these terrible fires all over the West.
“Climate change is here, you can’t deny it,” Reid said. “Why do you think we are having all these fires?”
“You can make all the excuses,” he said, such as that fires are disasters that “just happen every so often.”
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds Arctic climate & sea ice extent related to solar activity
A paper published by the Danish Meteorological Institute finds a remarkable correlation of Arctic sea ice observations over the past 500 years to "the solar cycle length, which is a measure of solar activity.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds the Sun controls climate, not man-made CO2
A new peer-reviewed paper published in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews points out the many problems of the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis and finds "the role of the sun in the presently observed global warming has been greatly underestimated." The authors review "the prime role that the sun should have on the earth's climate with regard to solar cycles’ activity and irradiance, cosmic rays and cloud formation" and conclude "that a natural signal of solar forcing has been mistakenly overlooked for an anthropogenic change, maybe owing to their quite similar effects on climate. For the moment, science does not really have a complete and total understanding of the factors affecting the earth's complex climate system and therefore no sound conclusions can be drawn."

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