Wednesday, July 17, 2013


The World Bank cuts off funding for coal. How big an impact will that have?
there are as many as 1,199 new coal-fired plants being planned globally, with three-quarters of them in India and China — and China doesn’t need Western financial institutions for help.
Manmade global warming is a farce
The arrogance of the Obama administration to drastically alter our energy policy without any Congressional oversight is outrageous on its own, but when that policy change is based on an unproven social crisis it is even more galling. Many of us believe we may be experiencing a trend in climate change, and also believe that energy conservation and efficiency are laudable goals. However, many of us do not believe in manmade global warming or that our insignificant activity is somehow affecting the climate. I beg our citizens to study both sides of this debate as I have for the last 10 years. America loves nothing more than a good social crisis to fret about; however, when the government changes policy on dubious science and a political agenda, ratepayers will suffer.
Mark Honadel is the State Representative for the 21st Assembly District, which includes South Milwaukee, Oak Creek, and a part of Franklin. He serves as the chairman of the Assembly Committee on Energy and Utilities.
Climate change [hoax] bus rolls into Wrightsville Beach
At Johnnie Mercer’s Pier on Monday, July 15, a dozen supporters turned out for the latest stop of the “I Will Act on Climate Change” nationwide bus tour.
Can Jim Yong Kim end World Bank backing for coal-fired power? | Michael Brune | Comment is free |
if the World Bank is going to succeed in its mission to fight poverty, it must shift resources away from large-scale fossil fuel projects. And it must invest, instead, in the off-grid technology that can deliver power to rural areas today.

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