Sunday, July 07, 2013


Green Energy Dimming As Japan Strives For Nuclear Comeback | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)
The shining light that was once Japan’s renewable energy industry is beginning to dim as reality sets in and it faces competition from a rejuvenated nuclear power industry.
Twitter / Fenbeagle: GB's 7,136 MW capacity metered ...
GB's 7,136 MW capacity metered wind fleet producing 231 MW today 0.8% of grid demand. What a piss of work is wind, how noble in season.
IPCC’s makeover result: Business as usual | The View From Here
An “Editorial Board”? Who knew?! This may well be an interesting topic for another day! But in the meantime … hands up all who have ever read an IPCC “Technical Paper” where it seems that those “differing views” that cannot be arbitrarily dismissed or ignored (in accordance with what appears to have been a long-standing past practice) might well be buried.
Twitter / RobbieGibb: EXCLUSIVE: Sunday Politics/ComRes ...
EXCLUSIVE: Sunday Politics/ComRes - 81% of UKIP cllrs believe climate change is not happening or human activity is not mainly responsible
Saul Perlmutter: 'Science is about figuring out your mistakes' | Science | The Observer
Science isn't a matter of trying to prove something – it is a matter of trying to figure out how you are wrong and trying to find your mistakes," he says.

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