Sunday, July 07, 2013


Articles: War on 'The Way We Live'
This whole article is not just a blatant example of fear mongering. In light of the overwhelming evidence contrary to the climate change mantra-and not just that presented here-it reveals Obama's and the MSM's real goal. It isn't climate change that is the enemy. The real target is "habits we've indulged in for decades" and "the way American's live."
Climate change fanned the flames of the Arizona wildfire - Comment - Voices - The Independent
Few know about the great Peshtigo storm on the night of 8-9 October 1871, when, after a dry and scorching summer, lightning set off an inferno that incinerated Peshtigo and a nearby town within two hours, killing at least 1,500 people. Survivors' accounts suggest what happened was akin to the man-made firestorms inflicted by the Allies on Dresden and Tokyo in the Second World War, fuelled by storm-force winds created by the intensity of the fire.

Compared with Peshtigo, which devoured 1.2 million acres of land (almost 1,900 square miles), the Yarnell disaster was small beer in geographical terms.  But the result for anyone close was the same.
Cenk on climate change: 'Remember who lied to you' - The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur // Current TV
Cenk Uygur and “The Young Turks” panelists Cara Santa Maria, Ana Kasparian and Jayar Jackson talk about the latest extreme weather and why public support for addressing climate change isn’t getting the job done. “The problem is, our democracy is gone,” Cenk says. “As we saw on gun control, you could have over 90 percent saying, ‘I want background checks’ and the Senate’s going to say, ‘Suck it. I don’t care.’” Cenk blames the media as well as Congress for perpetuating climate change denial. “Remember who lied to you,” he concludes. “It was those sons of bitches who lied to you for profit — and then we have to deal with the consequences, all of us together.”

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