Saturday, July 20, 2013


Has the Earth not warmed in past decade? | Fact Checker
Neil Carlson of Reno writes: “There has been no global warming for more than a decade — despite the fact that prodigious amounts of carbon dioxide have been released to the atmosphere.”

If Carlson had mentioned a source showing this no-warming trend, it would help in understanding where he got this idea.
Rowers Almost Make It To The Beaufort Sea After Dragging the Boat Again | Real Science
Now they are faced with open sea, wind and ice. No more dragging the boat.
July 21, 1901 : Hottest Day In US History? | Real Science
This heatwave was extremely inconvenient for climate alarmists, so NCDC/USHCN has tried to eliminate it by subtracting an amazing 2.5 degrees from reported July, 1901 temperatures. The graph below shows the difference between NCDC reported temperatures and raw USHCN temperatures.
Can You Say It Ain't So? | National Review Online
[Rupert Darwall] As Popper argued, evidence can be found for virtually any proposition, so when global temperatures don’t rise as anticipated, evidence is sought in ocean temperatures, sea ice extent and glacier retreat. The absence of a falsifiability test renders the science of global warming inherently weak. Instead acceptance of the central proposition of global warming – that the earth’s atmosphere is rapidly warming thanks to man’s activities – marks a reversion to pre-scientific standards, principally its reliance on consensus, peer review and appeals to authority….

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