Saturday, July 20, 2013


[Fairly entertaining 5-minute pro-global warming hoax rant from Bernie Sanders]: Through the Looking Glass - YouTube
With Vermont and most of the country in the grip of another summer heat wave, Republicans on the Senate environment committee repeatedly tried to cast doubt on whether climate change is even occurring, let alone what should be done about it.
State Of The Climate Report | Real Science
Slowest tornado season on record in the US
Eight years since a major US hurricane strike – longest such period since the Civil War
71% of the US below normal temperatures
Record Antarctic sea ice
Third highest July western Arctic sea ice coverage on record
No global warming for 17 years
One of the slowest US fire seasons on record
Record corn crop forecast

Obama is convinced that the climate is falling apart, even though he was sure he fixed it in 2008.
UK spends £39m fighting climate change abroad | The Sun |News|Politics
BRITAIN is splurging an extra £39million on fighting climate change abroad — as squeezed taxpayers face more austerity at home.
Diplomat £8.5m air travel rap | The Sun |News|Politics
DIPLOMATS blew almost £8.5million of taxpayers’ cash on posh plane seats last year — despite a crackdown on fancy travel.

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