Saturday, July 27, 2013


Prince Charles mineral water shipped 6,000 miles to Middle East | UK news | The Guardian
Prince Charles is funding his charities with profits from shipping royal-branded mineral water 6,000 miles to the Middle East in an arrangement that has been described by Friends of the Earth as "completely insane"...In 2009 he was criticised for hiring a private jet to tour Europe promoting climate change issues.
Sioux City hits record low Saturday
SIOUX CITY | Saturday hit a new record low in Sioux City for July 27, according to the National Weather Service.
Temperatures dropped to 47 degrees at Sioux City Gateway Airport.
The previous low of 50 degrees was set in 2005.
A July chill: Friday set record for coldest high | St. Cloud TIMES |
The unseasonably chilly weather set a new St. Cloud record on Friday for the coldest high temperature on record for July 26.

The National Weather Service in Chanhassen reported that Friday’s high of 68 degrees broke the old record of 69 set in 1971 and tied in 1990.
Did The Pony Express Wreck The Climate? | Real Science
But looking at the Law Dome CO2 record, I am having a little trouble seeing exactly what happened in 1860 to cause the climate to lose its mind.
However, looking closer, something did happen in 1860. The Pony Express went into operation that year, and appears to have set the planet on course for unstoppable future disaster.
According to Mikey and Jimmy, the rapid warming started at 280 PPM, but can be stopped by going back to 350 PPM. This probably makes perfect sense if your head has been repeatedly banged against concrete recently.
Twitter / RyanMaue: Sunday morning lows for late-July ...
Sunday morning lows for late-July should set record lows across MidWest.

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