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Clean energy clash: Solar advocates and conservationists butt heads | Grist
But in recent weeks, an unanticipated environmental problem has surfaced at Desert Sunlight. More than a dozen migratory birds have been found dead, including water fowl that somehow landed at the desert construction site: an eared grebe, three brown pelicans and an endangered Yuma clapper rail. …

It’s thought that the reflective panels could look like fresh water to the migrating waterfowl, [said Jane Hendron, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service], but little hard science on the phenomenon exists.
Twitter / ThomasMilne: "This is not controversial ...
"This is not controversial science. This is two century old physics and chemistry..." --
1. If climate science is two centuries old, why are we still funding it?
2. If climate science is two centuries old, why did the IPCC "win" half of a Nobel Peace Prize for it in 2007?

2007: Praise rolls in for winners of 2007 Nobel Peace Prize
However, there were a few voices of discontent, curiously coming from both ends of the political spectrum in Norway.
The Progress Party, the country's most conservative, questioned giving the Peace Prize to Gore "because he made a climate film that is subjective, one-sided and full of undocumented claims."
The Red Party, Norway's most left-wing, was glad the UN climate panel won, but doesn't find Gore worthy of the prize.
"He has made an important contribution to calling the world's attention to climate challenges," conceded party leader Torstein Dahle. "But he's a controversial person when it comes to practicing what he preaches, and he hasn't made any great contribution to peace in the world."

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