Saturday, July 27, 2013


American Academy of Arts and Sciences president to resign in resume scandal | Watts Up With That?
At least she didn’t claim to be a Nobel prize winner.
1972 Global Cooling Flood Killed 238 People In South Dakota | Real Science
On June 9, 1972 at the peak of the global cooling scare, Rapid City SD received 15 inches of rain in four hours. This produced a massive flash flood which killed 238 people and wrecked thousands of homes.
Obama says floods are getting worse now, because (like so many other things) he has absolutely no idea what he is talking about.
Climate Progress Is Being Expanded And Redesigned | ThinkProgress
We will be adding several new blogger-reporters and also sourcing content around the country on local climate impacts and local climate politics. We will do investigative reporting and break news. And as you’ll see Monday, the site redesign makes use of lessons learned from other high-traffic sites.

Part of the motivation is the collapse of media coverage of what is in fact the story of the century
Twitter / RyanMaue: Wisconsin state avg temp for ...
Wisconsin state avg temp for 19z or 2 pm CDT is 56°F


Otter said...

Sounds like Climate Progress got a lot of inspiration from sites like yours and WUWT.

Hopefully they will botch it badly.

Anonymous said...

"the story of the century"

Uhhh . . . last century.