Saturday, July 27, 2013


Wisconsin state rep: ‘Outrageous’ for Obama to alter energy policy without Congress |
The arrogance of the Obama administration to drastically alter our energy policy without congressional oversight is outrageous on its own, but when that policy change is based on an unproven social crisis it is even more galling. Many of us believe we may be experiencing a trend in climate change, and also believe that energy conservation and efficiency are laudable goals. However, many of us do not believe in man-made global warming or that our insignificant activity is somehow affecting the climate.
Warning Signs: Drowning in Sea Level Nonsense
Between the scientists trying to gin up more government money for their agencies and departments and the politicians trying to find a new reason to spend more money, the public is left wondering if the oceans are rising and whether that represents something worth worrying about. The answer is (a) yes, sea levels are rising in infinitesimal amounts and (b) no, we need to stop spending money based on such claims.
The 97% ‘consensus’: Part II | Climate Etc.
Too many defenders of the consensus have become either ‘pause’ deniers or ‘pause’ dismissers. A while back, I recommended that they ‘own’ the pause, and work on explaining it. Belatedly, we see a little bit of this happening, but of course it does not lead them to challenge the main IPCC conclusion on 20th century attribution.
A Race Against Time | Real Science
The rowers are stuck in a cove west of Cape Parry, with several days of strong northwest winds blocking their exit.

The Navy is forecasting that by the middle of next week, multi-year ice will have blown into that region – right up to the coast. If they aren’t out of there by then, they may be stuck for the summer.
Coldest Summer On Record In The Arctic Fading Fast | Real Science
The rowers made the mistake of believing the $100 billion climate scamsters, and are now stuck in some nasty cold, windy conditions.

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