Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Models Fail: Scandinavian Land Surface Air Temperature Anomalies | Bob Tisdale – Climate Observations
Figure 3 compares the modeled and observed Scandinavian land surface temperature anomalies for the period of Jan 1930 to December 1986. Scandinavian surface temperatures cooled at a rate of -0.132 deg C per decade, but the models say they should have warmed at a rate of +0.058 deg C per decade. The models missed the mark by a rate of about 0.19 deg C per decade. Or, phrased another way, based on the linear trends, the models say Scandinavian temperatures should have warmed about 0.33 deg C from 1930 to 1986, but surface temperatures there actually cooled approximately 0.75 deg C.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Ethanol increases emissions, fuel costs, engine damage, & food prices
"Dirty" corn ethanol could soon be on the chopping block
Blaming Climate Change For Increasing Asthma Is Humbug – Another Irresponsible, Malicious Scare Story
It appears to this author that asthma is an economic problem, not a climate problem, and I thank the current government for drawing this to our attention. Poor people can’t afford to properly maintain their homes, so dust, mold, animal dander and other indoor pollutants build up and cause allergies, increasing asthma. Raising the cost of energy is not going to improve the situation, it can only make it worse.

This is just one more example of over-hyped rhetoric used in the climate change debate and how wrong-headed it can be. It is another attempt to invoke a monster under the bed. This time it turned out to be the wrong monster. I wonder what it will be next week.
Alan Carlin Destroys John Cook’s Credibility (If He Ever Had Any!) | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT
So in the end they may have concluded that they needed to reclassify enough skeptic papers into "more favorable" classifications in order to reach this possibly predetermined "answer" and hoped that these misclassifications would go unnoticed by the world’s press and governmental officials trumpeting their scientifically irrelevant conclusions.

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