Wednesday, July 03, 2013


Rich countries' proposal to bypass governments on climate aid rejected | Environment |
Efforts by rich countries to give $100bn (£66bn) a year of 'climate aid' direct to companies, bypassing poorer countries' governments, have suffered a setback.
World suffered unprecedented climate extremes in past decade: WMO - Reuters News
casualties from storms and droughts fell...Peter Stott of the UK Met Office who led that study said scientists were now trying to see if there was a human fingerprint behind other extremes in 2012, such as Superstorm Sandy or drought in Australia.
Warning: Green Deal Could End Up Costing Homeowners | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)
A North-East property expert has warned that Government green policies could end up costing householders thousands of pounds when they try to sell their home.
The Amazing Energy Race -
[Warmist Thomas Friedman] If we don’t find a cleaner way to grow, we’re going to smoke up, choke up and burn up this planet so much faster than anyone predicts.

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