Wednesday, July 03, 2013


Twitter / JeffDSachs [Warmist Jeffrey Sachs takes unnecessary fossil-fueled trip to Italy]
Great start of Mediterranean Sustainable Development Solutions Network: 17 countries of Mediterranean & 27 countries in all. #MEDSOL
Historic low temperatures recorded in Amarillo, Borger | Amarillo Globe-News
Amarillo and Borger reported record-low temperatures Tuesday, National Weather Service meteorologist Edward Andrade said.

Amarillo had a low of 55 degrees, breaking its previous record of 56 degrees set in 1995, Andrade said. Borger tied its record low of 57 degrees set in 1995, Andrade said.
Viv Forbes – Australia should say “No” to carbon credit farming – it is unsustainable | Australian Conservative
And even in the corrupt carbon market for hot air, only one payment can be legally claimed for promising to NOT clear a parcel of land (and one bushfire will reverse all that in one afternoon).

The whole concept is unsustainable, it encourages corruption, and most of the benefits will go to the big B’s – Bureaucracies, Bankers and Brokers.
Twitter / HaroldAmbler: @algore How many times have ...
@algore How many times have you flown since the president's speech last week? Does jet travel make you feel morally uncomfortable? #uflyalot

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