Monday, July 01, 2013


Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: As near as I can tell it was ...
As near as I can tell it was 128 at Death Valley yesterday. Today is probably last shot of the much hyped 134, think it falls short by 5
Mark Butler named Climate Change Minister in Kevin Rudd's new Cabinet | The Australian
Mr Butler emphasised the importance of serious action on climate change and the importance of carbon pricing in making a difference.

"Australia's future economic prosperity and environmental sustainability depends on us taking serious action on climate change now," he said.

"The scientific consensus about that is overwhelming and equally it has long been recognised that the most effective and efficient way to reduce carbon pollution is by putting a price on that pollution."
Twitter / LeoHickman: Huge ructions and acrimony ...
Huge ructions and acrimony at Desertec, it seems My Guardian feature from 2011
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: National high and low ...
National high and low yesterday: High Temperature for Sunday 128 at Death Valley, CA Low Temperature for 35 at Kenton, MI ( frost in MI?)

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