Monday, July 01, 2013

Six days after warmist Megan McArdle criticized Michael Mann on The Daily Beast, and four days after she announced her departure from there, Michael Mann calls for McArdle's departure from The Daily Beast

[Megan McArdle, 6/25/13]: What Are We Going to Do About Carbon? - The Daily Beast
My basic take on global warming is that on the science, liberals are the realists, while the right has spent too long in denial. (Yes, I'm familiar with the skeptics' arguments, and I agree that folks like Michael Mann and Peter Gleick have behaved very badly, but let's be honest: most Republican politicians are not having arcane debates about modeling assumptions, decisions under uncertainty, and the philosophy of science. They are ignoring a fairly compelling body of science because they don't want to even talk about doing something.)
6/25/13 - Twitter / MichaelEMann: Hey @DailyBeast: Why are you ...
Hey @DailyBeast: Why are you publishing disinformation from a paid falsehood-spewing hack like #MeganMcArdle? #ClimateChange #Denial
7/1/13 - Twitter / MichaelEMann: Hey @Dailybeast, #MeganMcArdle ...
Hey @Dailybeast, #MeganMcArdle has behaved very badly. Her posts R filled w/ falsehoods & personal attacks. Time 2 drop this hack. #Hackery
[McArdle, 6/27/13] Announcement - The Daily Beast
This week will be my last with the Daily Beast. I'll be blogging here today, and there's one more feature to run, but after that, well, that's all she wrote . . . at least for Newsweek and the Daily Beast.

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pinroot said...

And now, in Mann's mind, he'll believe that he was somehow responsible for McArdle leaving.