Sunday, July 28, 2013


Who Cares About Global Warming? - Forbes
Temperatures have been much higher many times in the past. Atmospheric CO2 levels have been much higher than today many times in the past...Many of us agree that if CO2 levels exceed 700 ppm even for a short time the Earth would be rapidly thrown out of our present glacial period for at least the next 50,000 years
Baffin Bay-Davis Strait ice concentration comparison – why use the “summer mean”? | polarbearscience
It’s apparent from these maps that the much later summer breakup of ice in Baffin Bay ice compared to Davis Strait is what Rode and colleagues don’t want us to see.
Politico pushes Obama campaign message — GOP skeptics are crazy |
Is a literal belief in the Book of Genesis really crazier than belief in a centrally-planned economy powered by windmills?

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