Sunday, July 28, 2013


Why It Finally Makes Political Sense to Talk About Climate Change -
Now, it seems, Obama can’t stop talking about climate change.
...For now, many Republican operatives say they see Obama’s coal-pollution rules as a huge political liability and they’re raring to once again use climate change as a campaign weapon in the midterms. Ultimately, whether the politics surrounding the issue have truly shifted will be pressure-tested at the ballot box.
Paul Harris Online: Michael Mann vs. Climate Change Deniers
[10-min audio] Michael Mann is one of the world's leading climate researchers, as well as (as he describes himself) "the central object of attack in what some have characterized as the best-funded, most carefully-orchestrated assault on science the world has known."
Arctic cyclone chews up rotten northern sea ice | Alaska Dispatch
Last year, a particularly powerful cyclone is thought to have wiped out 800,000 square kilometres of ice. That contributed to record low sea-ice levels at the end of the 2012 melt year.
Barber said the ice is getting so weak that new categories have had to be created for it.

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