Wednesday, July 10, 2013


THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Eight questions to ask a climate activist
Here is a sample of the sort of questions university officials should ask student activists when the fossil fuel divestment issue arises (questions and student answers should be widely reported so as to allow the college or university community to better understand what they are being asked to support):
Twitter / RichardTol: Environmentalist/journalist ...
Environmentalist/journalist rails against basic democratic freedoms @arevkin
Macquarie Uni responds to Murry Salby. What they don’t say, speaks volumes. « JoNova
Purely hypothetically, suppose, after they hired him, they realized he was not making the “right” conclusions. Wouldn’t it be o-so-convenient to withhold resources, then ask him to do more and more teaching, of a more and more onerous nature, and then starve him of time and resources to do his research, until he quit, or grew frustrated, or stepped over some arbitrary new line?
Obama for Carbon Power . . . in Africa | National Review Online
The country from which he gave his speech, South Africa, is the continent’s powerhouse thanks in part to huge reserves of coal – 93 percent of the country’s electricity comes from that plentiful resource. But at home, Obama’s comprehensive climate strategy – delivered just before he embarked to Africa – is an all-out war on coal, America’s most abundant energy resource. In its place, Obama embraces the Green Utopia of a return to decentralized power – windmill, solar panels – that is a recipe for expensive power and brownouts.

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