Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Twitter / RogerAPielkeSr: Lesson for climate ...

Lesson for climate scientists..consensus can be wrong..many scientists will go along to avoid censure by their peers

Twitter / bryanrwalsh: .@NatureMagazine study shows ...
. study shows trees are using water more efficiently as CO2 levels rise:
Phil Plait: Global warming: Wall Street Journal writer Matt Ridley doubles down on global warming denial
I went to the website Skeptical Science—which does use peer-reviewed scientific journals—to show just how and where Ridley was wrong.
...despite Ridley's attempts to downplay it, scientists know the current rapid rise in temperature is bad, and is very likely to make things much worse for us in the future.

Because Ridley says he thinks CO2 does cause some warming, and that humans are behind some of that, he claims he's not a denier. But the thing is, he uses shaky arguments, points to denier blogs as evidence, denies that global warming is bad, and downplays its repercussions despite all the evidence. In my opinion, that makes him a denier.
Two Latinas honored as “Champions of Change” in climate change
Dr. Pacheco agrees. The pediatrician and professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center, specializing in pediatric asthma, allergies and immunology has been trying to educate people about the effects of climate change since 2006 — when she saw the documentary, ‘An Inconvenient Truth,’ with her children for the first time.

“Ever since then, everything changed…this was an eye opener,” says Dr. Pacheco, who moved to the states from Puerto Rico 28 years ago.  [No offense, Dr Pacheco, but why didn't you notice the alleged CO2-induced pediatric asthma epidemic before you saw Al Gore's propaganda movie?]

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