Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Baby bust? National birthrate hit an all-time low due to weak economic recovery | Mail Online
The birthrate hit an all-time low in 2011 and stayed there in 2012
“I love shale gas” – Davey confirms again | Energy Live News
Energy Secretary Ed Davey confirmed again his backing for fracking by declaring “I love shale gas” today.
The Lib Dem MP told the attendees: “The potential for shale gas is fantastic for our energy security… and the climate”.
Conservative Climate Hawks to GOP: Wake the Hell Up | Mother Jones
[English major Chris Mooney] A more sophisticated version of this latest "skeptic" argument is to note that the rate of global warming in the last 15 years has been slower, or has been "leveling off." But as the blog Skeptical Science points out, that's only true for atmospheric temperatures—which, in turn, only reflect a small part of the overall global warming picture.

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