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There are 11 gas wells in the photo, but they are extremely difficult to spot due to their small size relative to the wind turbines
Results from a Low-Sensitivity Model « Climate Audit
I think that even this preview shows that GCM-Q shows that it is possible to provide a low-sensitivity account of 20th century temperature history
Banks face invasion of golden toads in environmental protest | Environment | The Guardian
...the troupe of 15 Broadway and other US actors, led by fire and brimstone gospel preacher the Reverend Billy, say their satirical choir of resurrected toads now in Britain intends the bankers no harm, and wanting only to remind them that decades of irresponsible lending have resulted in climate change, the death of nature and social disintegration.
Talen, who in 2009 ran for the US Green party in the New York mayoral race, mixes social activism with street theatre around the world.
In an age of increasing freak storms, heatwaves and melting icecaps, the arts and even the British police, he says, are needed to persuade governments and institutions that massive change is necessary to avoid apocalypse.
Chukchi-Beaufort ice extent comparison – why feature only the last 7 years? | polarbearscience
In other words, the ‘low ice’ years of 2007-2011 in the Chukchi/Beaufort were a minor blip in the record that probably means very little. Which begs the question: why did NSIDC feature the graph in the first place? That’s science for you – one question leads to another.
Twitter / RichardTol: .@dana1981 So if you have nothing ...
.@dana1981 So if you have nothing to hide, why don't you just release all your data so that all can see there is nothing to hide?
Twitter / dana1981: @RichardTol Why don't you learn ...
@RichardTol Why don't you learn a little patience? Some manners wouldn't hurt either while you're at it.
Twitter / RichardTol: .@dana1981 Paper was submitted ...
.@dana1981 Paper was submitted on 18 Jan. Data file must have been ready for inspection then. Why does it take 184 days to upload a file?

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