Sunday, July 21, 2013


Twitter / TaxingAir: Cold causes China's wheat crop ...
Cold causes China's wheat crop to collapse: imagine what more global cooling will do for world food supply -
Twitter / caerbannog666: Why Mann v. NR/CEI matters: ...
Why Mann v. NR/CEI matters: 4 the 1st time, professional deniers will have to defend their claims under oath, and will be held accountable.
The Heretic: Mr Bean’s play about climate change deniers and liars | The National Business Review
We don’t get many politically incorrect plays but playwright Richard Bean (One Man. Two Guvnors), who admits to being something of a climate change sceptic, takes pot shots at the debate with The Heretic.

It’s a play which mocks both the climate change deniers and the liars, scientists who know how to work the system and scientists who abuse it.
Yet Another Glorious Green Policy Accomplishment | Via Meadia
The green movement today is often an alliance between people who are selling and promoting uneconomic ‘alternative’ energy schemes and greens who are willing to front for them. It’s an attempt to legislate profit for crony capitalists, green lipstick on a herd of pigs like ethanol and wind turbines.

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