Sunday, July 21, 2013

Settled junk science: CO2 will allegedly reduce the amount of Iberian herbs, which will allegedly reduce the number of Iberian rabbits, which will allegedly cause 100% of the "adorable" Iberian lynx to die

We can help endangered cat survive climate shift, scientist says - NBC
Currently, about 300 of these adorable, pointy-eared, shaggy-bearded cats live in Spain and Portugal, dining mostly on rabbits. But according to a study published Sunday in the journal Nature Climate Change, warming temperatures and an increasingly dry local climate could kill off their staple food, making their extinction certain.
In its current enclaves, hotter temperatures and less rainfall are predicted to reduce the amount of herbs available for rabbits to eat, Araújo said. That would reduce the rabbit population, which would drive down the lynx population down as well. By the end of the century, the lynx could be extinct, the researchers said.


KuhnKat said...


Like Polar Bears those cute little bearded alley cats will change their diet as they get hungry.

Why do so many people who believe in Survival of the Fittest and Evolution consistently believe that animals which are the result of a billion years of this process are too fragile to survive minor changes in the earth?!?!

Anonymous said...

Maybe if we can reduce the food intake of these bankcrupt 'researchers' they may too follow the lynx to potential extinction.