Thursday, July 11, 2013


Susan Solomon: “There’s another term – Solar forcing – which I didn’t include” | Tallbloke's Talkshop
Basically, Prof Solomon says the hiatus is due to a combination of two factors: A reduction in stratospheric water vapour concentrations, and the effect of volcanic SO2 based aerosols getting into the stratosphere from smaller than expected volcanoes.  [Where's the part about the heat hiding in the ocean?]
Twitter / emilyrsouthard: @JoeSquawk I only pay attention ...
@JoeSquawk I only pay attention to peer-reviewed science -- HadCrut is bunk science.
Twitter / justintempler: Another priceless Tweet by ...
Another priceless Tweet by campaign manager and degreed environmentalist
Twitter / VK3BBR: @justintempler @ForecastFacts ...
@justintempler @ForecastFacts @emilyrsouthard OMG! This from a person who has only just figured out what HadCRUT was via Google

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